CALCOE's previous home on "F" Street across from the Mill

Our history began in 1937 with a small number of employees of Cascade Lumber Company Mill (now known as Boise Cascade) making loans to each other. Each person invested $5 to become a member and CALCOE was born.

CALCOE occupied anything from tool sheds to members’ homes to run their not-for-profit business serving the employees and their families of the Lumber Mill. The Credit Union experienced many triumphs as well as toils in its many years.

CALCOE's Office Sign from Original Building

Due to the changing environment and industry, CALCOE opened the Credit Union membership to serve all of Yakima County in 2004. To better serve members new and old, a new building was constructed off of North 16th Avenue in Yakima in 2005, see picture below. Since then our membership has steadily grown and so have our products and services. CALCOE is proud to offer technologies such as MobileBanking yet still sustain our small town feel and member service.

CALCOE's Current Main Branch on North 16th AvenueAs of 2013, 76 years later, we have over 2,300 members, $23 million strong in assets and our first full-service branch, located in Moxee! We pride ourselves in knowing the first name of many members who walk through our doors while providing the products and services our members find useful in today’s world. Our continued dedication to our members’ needs will always be our purpose.